Friday, December 19, 2008

2009 Food Storage Themes announced

- We’ll inventory our supply (January)
- We'll learn to shop the sales (February)
- We'll start getting out of debt (March)
- We'll learn to cook using food storage basics (April)
- We'll get our 2 week water supply (May)
- We'll plant a garden (June)
- We'll work on our menus for our 3 month supply (July)
- We'll learn how to dehydrate our food (August)
- We'll learn how to can or bottle our food (September)
- We'll get our 72 hr. kits together (October)
- We'll start (or finish) our 3 month supply (November)
- We'll get stocked up on toiletries (soap, shampoo, toilet paper, etc.) (December)

The details and all the pretty files are located at in the files section.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

5 gallon buckets and lids

If you are interested in placing an order for 5 gallon buckets and lids, the cost is $4.39 for the set.

If you are interested in ordering, please let Jennifer know by January 15, 2009. Orders will be available for pickup on January 20th.

There is still time to add or create a new order for Walton Feed. See the previous posts for more information!

New Cannery Price List

The new list will be posted in the files section of

The price list is effective December 20, 2008.

White wheat will be available then.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Walton Feed Order


I know that the deadline for the Walton Feed order passed long ago. However, we are still looking for about 700lbs worth of an order to be able to place the order. I'm hoping someone (or multiple someones) missed the deadline and would like to still place an order.

Here's how to place your order:

1. Send me an email ASAP (wcfoodstorage at gmail dot com) to let me know you want to place an order.
2. Go to, scroll to the "Shop" and search the menu heading listed there. Most the food is located under "Rainy Day Foods" or "Organics". Click into the items to add them to the shopping cart. Don't add your zipcode when you place the items in your cart.
3. Go to the shopping cart, and below all the items will be a shipping weight.
4. Multiply the shipping weight by $.19 and then add $5. This will be your shipping cost.
5. Print out a copy of the shopping cart, write in the shipping cost. Also, add your name, address, and phone/email.
6. Write a check to me.
7. Place items 5 & 6 in an envelope and mail to
8. Wait for a phone call or email to confirm arrival of your order.
9. Wait for another phone call or email to let you know the day and time of your pick-up.

10. Somewhere in there -- talk to your friends and neighbors and see if they want to place an order too. We really need more orders. (And I really need more food for me from Walton!)


Update: The order was placed on December 23, 2008.