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Grocery Sales Week of June 7, 2010

You're in luck this week.....I've got my grocery list for you from all the SW Ohio stores at once.  I'll be checking out Cub Foods and Marsh ads online and putting up their lists up online (www.moneysavinghabits.com) later today.

You may also want to check out my tips for preserving strawberries at http://moneysavinghabits.com/2010/06/03/strawberries/

A quick reminder about my list.  On my list are items that I think are a good deal -- ONLY if you use an available coupon.  These items are denoted with a +c*.  A good example this week is from Meijer:

&& Betty Crocker warm delights $1 +c*
These little single serving microwave brownie and cakes are on sale for $1.  At that price I don't think it's a good deal.  But when you pair it with a $0.50 or $0.75 coupon that's available, you can get them for free.  One caveat I've learned is that Meijer now only doubles two like coupons.  So, if you've been saving warm delights coupons for a deal like this, only the first two will be doubled.  Don't like these warm delights or don't need the temptation at home?  Why not pick up one for free (or nearly free) and donate it to your local food pantry.  I think someone struggling financially would like a little sweet thing.

And while we're talking about food pantries, I'd like to strongly encourage you to donate throughout the year to a food pantry.  During the summer, families still have needs, but most pantries don't get as many donations.   We use coupons and sales to get good food throughout the year to donate.  My kids like to shop with me when they get to pick out some kid friendly flavors.  I've seen them in the store debating on which variety to buy and choosing the one they see most kids eating at lunch.  Last week I picked up some cleaning supplies for the food pantry and the kid in tow picked out the bottle with the most product in it.  She wanted to make every penny count.  They really are thinking of others.  In case you're wondering, we support Reach Out Lakota. 

Now onto the list....
Happy Savings,

blueberries $1.49/pint
cantaloupe $1.29
grapes 2# $1.49
bagels $1.39
evaporated milk $0.69
sweetened condensed milk $1.29

Jungle Jim's
watermelon $3.99
cucumbers $0.33
green onions $0.33
romaine lettuce $0.79/#
tomatoes $0.79/#
Tilapia $0.99/#
Edy's ice cream 48oz $2.50
Velvet sherbert quarts $1.50
PopIce freezer pops 100ct $3.99
Danon Activia yogurt $1.67 +c*
Kraft deli fresh sliced cheese $2.50 +c
Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce $1 +c
Duncan Hines brownie mix $0.99 +c
Pringles $0.99 +c
Hawaiian punch 128oz $1.99
water bottles 24pk $2.39
Cottonelle 12 double rolls $4.99 +c limit 1 w/$10 purchase
Scotties facial tissues $0.99
Dixie paper plates 40ct $1.69 +c
Bounty basic $0.59 +c limit 8 w/$10 purchase


Daisy sour cream $1.79 +c*
Kroger is having a "7 days of Incredible Meat Savings" event.  We don't eat all the meat they have on sale.  Be sure to check the meat case and your local ad for more savings.
Tyson boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenderloins $1.99/#
Oscar Mayer bologna or salami $1.33 +c
John Morrell or Ball Park franks $1.25 +c
ground round $2.69/#
Hormel natural choice lunchmeat 6-8oz $2.50 +c
cantaloupe $1.48
Big K soft drinks 2L $0.59
Kellogg's cereal assorted 12-24oz $2.50 +c
Kraft marshmallows $1
Luvs diapers mega pk $9.99
Pampers or EasyUps $8.99

&& Buy 10 participating items for $1 each and get the 11th one free
eggs $0.79
Danimals $1.79 +c*
&& Country Crock $1 +c
Daisy sour cream $1.50 +c*
Meijer butter $1.79
milk $2 limit 4
Meijer Yogurt $0.30
Kraft cream cheese $1.19
Meijer ground turkey 1# frozen $1
ground round $2.29/#
Tyson boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.99/#
Tyson family pk boneless chicken 25-29oz $3.99 +c
CoolWhip 12oz $1.50
OreIda fries Buy 2 get 1 free $2.50
celery $1
baby carrots 1# $1
romaine hearts 3pk $1.99
&& Dole bagged basic salads $1
corn on the cob $0.20
&& red, yellow or orange sweet bell peppers $1
sweet cherries $1.98/#
watermelon $2.99
&& Pizza rolls $1 +c
&& Green Giant veggies 7-10oz $1 +c*
&& Old Orchard frozen juice 12oz $1
&& Meijer marshmallows $1
&& Betty Crocker warm delights $1 +c*
&& Betty Crocker cookie mix $1 +c*
&& Dol pineapple or mandarin oranges $1 +c
&& Betty Crocker hamburger helper $1 +c*
&& Betty crocker boxed potatoes $1 +c*
&& Betty Crocker suddenly salad $1 +c*
Post cocoa or fruity pebbles 11oz $1.50 +c
Kellogg's mini wheats, raisin bran, froot loops, apple jacks $1.99 +c*
&& Meijer pop tarts $1
&& Meijer pretzels $1
24pk sprite $4.96
Crystal Light drink mix Buy 2 Get 2 Free +c
Koolaid packets $0.10
Meijer water bottles 24pk $2.50
Aunt Millie's bread or buns 1.29 +c*
&& Aunt Millie's english muffins $1
Joy liquid dish soap 30oz $1 (great for homemade bubbles)
&& Meijer tissues $1
&& Meijer foam plates 50ct $1
Arm & Hammer detergent or fabric softener sheets $2.99
Clorox bleach $1.50 +c*
Clorox toilet cleaner $1.50 +c
** Lysol cleaners ½ price +c
&& Meijer 5pk light bulbs $1
Pampers or EasyUps $8.97

Household/Other: Buy $100 or more of these gift cards and get a coupon for $10 off your next order (limit 1 per transaction)
Jiffy Lube
Bass Pro Shops
Foot Locker
Mimi's Cafe

+c means there was recently a coupon in the paper for this item
+c* means there's a coupon for it and I think it's a good deal ONLY if you use the coupon
B1G1F (buy one get one free)
** super deal -- seriously think about stocking up at this price if this is an item you use
w/c means with in-ad coupon
lim tells you what the limit is

Disclaimer: This list is generated by a human.  I never intend to make a typo, but sometimes they happen.  See the store and/or the ad for clarification if you're unsure about a product.  This list was generated using ads in the Cincinnati metro area.  Stores outside this market may offer different pricing or promotions.

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