Sunday, November 9, 2008

All about the Canneries

There has been some confusion and many questions about the canneries. Hopefully I can straighten some things out.

We have 2 canneries available to us. (They are also known as Home Storage Centers).

IN - Indianapolis

Phone 1-(877) 483-9842
5151 SW 84th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46268

OH - Groveport (Columbus)

Phone (614) 836-2627
4431 Marketing Place
PO Box 367
Groveport, Ohio 43125

*We do not have any work assignments for either cannery. We are able to go to the cannery to fill our own orders.

*Order forms can be found here:,11666,8133-1-4352-1,00.html

*All trips to the Indianapolis Cannery need to be scheduled through me. (I can schedule trips for the following days: Monday morning, Tuesday after 1pm, Wednesday - Saturday - session times 9am-1pm, 1pm-4pm)

*Anyone may call the Columbus Cannery and make an appointment to go. The best days to call are Monday and Tuesday during the days.

*We have a canner (for sealing 10# cans) and a mylar pouch sealer that can be checked out. Just send me an email to schedule pickup.

*Mylar pouches and oxygen absorbers are also available for purchase from

*May I bring my own items from home to can?

We use to encourage people to bring their own items to can if the items were approved for food storage. This has changed. The policy is now that we only allow items purchased from the Home Storage Center to be Dry Pack Canned. With items purchased from outside sources we can not assure the quality of the products being stored.

*What are approved products?

Approved products are low-moisture whole grains (not milled or cracked) that do not have an oily seed coat, most dried beans, legumes like dry peas, pasta products that do not contain eggs, dehydrated or freeze-dried fruits and vegetables that are dry enough to snap when bent, TVP (texturized vegetable protein), granulated sugar, processed white flour (not self rising), non-fat dry milk, gelatin, and pudding desserts (that do not contain eggs).

*What are non-approved products?

Products that should NOT be canned are: baking powder, baking soda, bouillon, brown rice, brown sugar, chewy dehydrated fruit, corn meal, dried eggs, dried meat, granola, raisins, milled grain cereal, mixes containing leavening (such as pancake or biscuit mix), nuts (roasted or raw), oil, pearled barley, salt, spices, whole wheat flour, and yeast. Basically high moisture (rusts cans) or oil (goes rancid) content, chemically reactive, or non-preserved meats are not approved.

*Can I pay with my credit card or debit card?

NO. We do not accept either of these. Checks are preferred or cash in the exact purchase amount will be accepted. Please do NOT make out your checks in advance! Items may be out of stock or a price change may have occurred. An order form/price list is used to enter all transactions into the cash register. A cash register receipt with itemized prices will be issued for all payments. No products leave the cannery without payment in full being received.

*What needs oxygen absorber packets and what does not?

All food stuffs can benefit from the inclusion of an oxygen absorber packet. Sugar and Fruit Drink Mix do not need the packets since sugar creates too acidic an environment for bugs and I have been told that the packets will cause the sugar to clump and harden if included.

*Didn’t we use to do wet pack canning?

Yes, but our facility does not support this anymore, only dry pack canning.

*What is the difference between Hard Red and Hard White Wheat?

Hard White Wheat produces a lighter color and milder flavored loaf of bread, but still retains the long term storage qualities of Hard Red Wheat. Many whole wheat bread enthusiasts prefer the traditional firmness of the Hard Red Wheat and have told me the White Wheat produces a softer loaf. This may be because the Red Wheat has 8% iron which the White does not contain.

*White wheat is currently unavailable. It will be available in January.

*Where can I find out more about food storage and preparedness?

The Church's provident living web site is a great resource.

Feel free to post any other questions in the comments section.

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Jenn - I've always been a fan of blogger and so, of course, I love the site on blogger! For's easier to navigate. Thanks for all the work you put in to making Nov. 1st a success. I was so impressed and look forward to the next time.