Monday, August 17, 2009

Grocery Sales Week of August 17, 2009

Back to School supply sales are winding down.  If you don't have what you need for your students, get them now.  But back to school clothes are still on sale everywhere -- as well as basic sheets and "dorm" furniture.

Kroger ( must use plus card to get sale price
&& MEGA SALE buy 10 participating items (mix or match) get $5 off at register (no limit) Prices listed are sale prices then (price after discount).  Pair these savings with coupons to shrink your spending.  Remember to keep track of what goes in your cart and buy in multiples of 10 for this deal.

PaperMate pens $0.33
Crayola crayons 24ct $0.25
2 pocket folders $0.11
Kroger Hand sanitizer 8oz $1
&& Tostitos dip, salsa, or chips $2.38 ($1.88) +c
&& Aquafina water 24pk $3.49 ($2.99)
&& Gatorade 64oz $1.75 ($1.25)
&& Pepsi soft drinks (sierra mist) $1.29 ($0.79)
Arm & Hammer liquid or pwd $2.99
Arm & Hammer fabric softener 144ct $2.99
&& Pillsbury Grands, biscuits, Crescents or rolls $1.49 ($0.99) +c
&& Tropicana pure premium OJ 59-64oz $2.99 ($2.49) +c
Kroger milk 1/2 gallon $0.97
Kroger OJ 1/2 gallon $0.99
Kroger singles 12oz $1.29
Kroger cheese bar or shredded 16oz $2.50
&& Betty Crocker hamburger or tuna helper $1.34 ($0.84) +c
&& Betty Crocker potatoes boxed $1.49 ($0.99)
&& Betty Crocker brownie or cookie mix $1.99 ($1.49) +c*
&& General Mills cereal 8-12.9oz $1.99 ($1.49) +c
&& Quaker cereal 14-16oz $1.99 ($1.49) +c
&& Nature Valley Granola or Fiber One Granola Bars $2.49 ($1.99) +c
&& Quaker instant oatmeal packets $2.49 ($1.99) +c
Kroger Deluxe ice cream 48oz $1.99
&& Pillsbury toaster strudel or scrambles $1.99 ($1.49) +c
Popsicles 24pk $1.99
Kroger bacon $1.50
blueberries $1.28/pint
black grapes $0.87/#
green beans $0.68/#
head lettuce $0.77
corn on the cob $0.19
cantaloupe $1.28
tomatos $0.88/#
green onions $0.33
cucumbers $0.33
celery $0.68

Meijer (
Danon yogurt $0.40 +c
milk $1.59 limit 4
Tropicana fruit punch or lemonade 64oz $0.99
Kraft deli fresh cheese slices (near the milk) $2.50
Meijer cheese shredded 5-8oz $1.25
Meijer cheese singles 16oz $1.99
Breakstone sour cream 16oz $1.29 +c*
Dixie plates, bowls, etc $2 +c*
Lysol neutra air aerosol $1.50 +c
Lysol disinfecting wipes $1.50 +c
Glass Plus cleaner $1.50 +c
Berio olive oil 30% off
Ken's salad dressings $1.67 +c*
Kellogg's cereal (assorted) pop tarts 12ct or Nutri Grain bars $2.49 +c (buy $10 get $10 off backpack - same order)
Malt O Meal cereal bags $1.29
Keebler chips deluxe cookies 1/2 price +c
Keebler fudge shoppe cookies 1/2 price +c
Sandies, vanilla wafers, animal cookies, soft batch or right bites 1/2 price +c
Goldfish crackers 1/2 price
pork loin half $1.49/#
Tyson bacon $2.50
Jimmy Dean sausage roll $2
Ground chuck $1.99/# (sold in a 2# package)
Breyers ice cream 48oz $2.50 +c
Aunt Millie's bread or buns $1.25 +c
cantaloupe $1.18
zucchini $0.77/#
eggplant $0.77/#
cherries $1.99/#
Marzetti salad dressing refrigerated $2 +c
cabbage $0.25/#
tomatoes $0.88/#
green beans $0.77/#
cucumbers $0.77/#
peaches $.69/#
nectarines $.69/# 
plums $.69/#

Bigg's (
Buy $20 in box tops for education products (mostly General Mills brand items) and get $5 off next order - see store for details.  The online ad is too small for me to read all the fine print.

watermelon $2.48
Super Chill soda 2L $0.69
Flavorite chunk or shredded cheese 8oz $1.50
Mead 3 subject notebook $1.29
school uniforms starting at $5.99

Jungle Jim's (
General Mills family size boxes (24-26oz) Cinnamon toast crunch, honey nut cheerios, lucky charms $1.89 +c limit 3 per family with $10 purchase
Scott paper towels 12pk $6.99 +c limit 2 w/$10 purchase

Boursin $0.99
rump roast $1.89/#
ground round $1.99/#
Jungle Jim's sausage rolls $1.50
Jungle Jim's bacon $2.50
walnut meats 1# bag $3.99
pineapple $1.99
Idaho potatoes 10# $1.88
bananas $0.39/#
onions (red, yellow and white) $0.79/#
baby carrots 1# bag $0.99
7-up 12pk $2.50 limit 4 per family
Duncan Hines brownies $0.89
Bertolli olive oil 17oz $4.99
Nature Valley nut clusters snacks $2.29 +c* (these are $3.39 at Meijer)
Nature Valley granola bars $2.29 +c*
Kellogg's pop tarts 8ct $1.49 +c
JIF peanut butter 18oz $1.89
Dole fruit bowls 4pk $1.49 +c
Little Debbie snacks $0.89
Ziploc sandwich bags 120ct $1.99 +c
meyer milk $1.78 limit 6 per family
Crystal Farms cheese shredded or chunk $1.25
yoplait yogurt $0.50 +c
Meyer OJ gallon $2.50
Trauth chip dip 16oz $1.25
Parkay squeeze spread 12oz $1
Mayfield select ice cream 48oz B1G1F
Klondike ice cream treats $2.50

Friday Aug 21, 2009
Gluten Free Event
Samples from 10a-4p
specialized diet venders to be represented:
allergy free foods
celiac specialists
mediterranean bake
house lori bakes

Jungle Jim's Natural Foods Dept
Call Lenard at 513-674-6088

Monroe IGA
IGA chunk or shredded cheese 8oz $1.50
JIF peanut butter $1.79
IGA sugar 10# bag $3.79
milk $1.75
bananas $0.39/#
IGA cream cheese $1.25
IGA whipped topping frozen $1
Buy 2 pop tarts 12ct pkg for $2.50 each and get $2 off milk (coupon in ad)

Pre-Labor Day Sale Thurs-Saturday ONLY:
ground chuck $1.69/# (in a 3#+ packages)
Lay's potato chips $1.88
Kahn's wieners $1.33
7-up, RC or Sunkist sodas 2L $0.88
IQF chicken breasts 3# bag $4.99
IGA colby or colby jack cheese (deli) $2.99/#

Cub Foods (Dayton Area)
Bounty Basic paper towels 8pk $4.88 +c
Charmin 12pk $4.88 +c
Colgate toothpaste, or brush $0.88
chicken leg quarters $0.68/#
ground chuck $1.99/#
Nature Valley Granola bars $2 +c*
Hawaiian punch 1 gallon $1.98
Skippy peanut butter 18oz-ish $1.67 +c
Crystal Farms cheese shredded or chunk 8oz $1.50
Velvet ice cream $2.99 +c
Crystal Farms butter $1.98
watermelon $3.77
McCormick grill mates marinades $0.99 +c*

Lofino's (Dayton area - sale through Aug 29th)
peaches $0.88/#
Flavorite pop tarts $1
ground round 85% lean $2.49/#
corn on the cob $0.25

+c means there was recently a coupon in the paper for this item
+c* means there's a coupon for it and I think it's a good deal ONLY if you use the coupon
M-R monday through thursday sale dates only
B1G1F (buy one get one free)
** super deal -- seriously think about stocking up at this price if this is an item you use
w/c means with in-ad coupon
lim tells you what the limit is

Disclaimer: This list is generated by a human.  I never intend to make a typo, but sometimes they happen.  See the store and/or the ad for clarification if you're unsure about a product.  This list was generated using ads in the Cincinnati metro area.  Stores outside this market may offer different pricing or promotions. 

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