Monday, August 31, 2009

Grocery Sales Week of August 31, 2009

School's back in session for most kids and grocery stores have shifted to their last bbq sales of the season -- just in time for Labor Day.  If your stash has dwindled over the summer, consider replenishing it with items on sale now.  They aren't likely to go on sale again until Memorial Day-ish.

Kroger ( must use plus card to get sale price

Pepsi, Coke or 7-Up soft drinks (12pk 12oz cans; 6pk 24oz bottles, or 6pk 16.9oz bottles) $2.20 (whey you buy 5 in 1 transaction) limit 2 rewards per transaction
Kroger water bottles 24pk $2.99
Sun Chips $2.48
Goldfish crackers $1
Bounty paper towels $1 +c*
& Hefty OneZip storage bags 12-22ct $1 +c
Kroger bagels refrigerated $1
Kroger cream cheese 8oz $1
Dannon yogurt 4-6pk $1.88 +c*
Yoplait yogurt 4-6oz $0.50 +c
Kroger cottage cheese, sour cream or dip 16oz $1
Kroger cheese 6-8oz $1.25
Duncan Hines brownie mix $1
Kroger marinade and salad dressing $1
Weber grilling spices $1 +c
Hunt's ketchup 24oz $1 +c
Tyson boneless chicken breasts $1.99/# +c
Ball Park or Kahn's hot dogs $1 +c
Hillshire Farms Deli select lunchmeat $2.50 +c
Breyers ice cream $2.27 +c
Private selection ice cream $2.27
sweet corn $0.17
grapes $0.97/#

Extra Deals (see store for fine print details):

  • buy 3 Kellogg's cereal or Keebler cookies or crackers and get free Kroger milk (up to $3) limit 2 rewards per transaction

Meijer (

Meijer brand zyrtec or claritin 300ct 1/2 price
Pampers diapers $8.99 +c
Minute Maid lemonade or punch $0.99
Dannon activia cups, drinks or tubs $2 +c
Kraft shredded cheese, cubes, crumbles, or sticks $1.67 +c
Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese $1.25 +c
Meijer chunk cheese 8oz $1.50
Dean's chip dip $1.19
Chinet plates, cups, or bowls $2.49 +c*
Chi Chi's salsa B1G1F +c
A1 steak sauce $2.50 +c
CheezIts, Keebler Townhouse or Club crackers $1.99 +c
Meijer boneless chicken breasts family packs $1.79/#
Johnsonville brats 16-19oz $2.79
Johnsonville smoked brats 13-16oz $2
Oscar Mayer wieners $1.25 +c
KoolAid and Country time lemonade containers $1 (buy 3 get $2 off your next order)
Planters peanuts, cashews or mixed nuts B1G1F +c
Breyers, klondike, Breyers pure fruit or popsicles $2.49 +c limit 4
CoolWhip 8oz $0.88
Aunt Millies bread or buns $0.99 +c
peaches, nectarines or plums $0.78/#
Paula red or Ginger Gold apples 3# bag $1.50
Marzetti salad dressing $2 +c
raspberries 6oz $0.99
cabbage $0.25/#
squash $0.49/#
personal watermelon $1.99

Extra Deals - see store for all the fine print:

  • Spend $50 on your MasterCard and get $5 off (instantly) one pair of denim jeans.
  • buy Prilosec 42ct pkg get $5 off your next order
  • Buy Hershey's 6pk chocolate bars and Meijer graham crackers ($2.50 each) get 1 bag Meijer marshmallows free
  • Buy 3+ Kingsford charcoal, Hidden Valley Ranch dressing or any Glad Products get $3 off your next shopping trip

Jungle Jims (

sweet corn $1.99/dozen
celery $0.69
apples $0.77/#
bananas $0.39/#
green beans $0.79/#
tomatoes $0.79/#
broccoli $0.88/bunch
cilantro $0.33/bunch (great for homemade salsa)
gatorade drinks 32oz $0.79 limit 10 w/$10 purchase
UDF Olde Style Ice cream 56oz $1.99
milk $1.78 limit 6
Dairy Fresh cheese 8oz $1
ground beef 81% lean $1.69/#
Cool Whip $0.88
Minute Maid fruit drinks 64oz $1 Breyers Yo Crunch yogurt $0.50 +c
A1 steak sauce $2.99 +c
Hunt's ketchup 24oz $0.79 +c limit 2 w/$10 purchase
water bottles 24pk $2.79
Domino sugar 5# $2.19
Montgomery Inn bbq sauce 18oz $1.49
Vlasic relish 9oz $0.89
Planter's peanuts 16oz $2.19 +c
Hawaiian punch 128oz $1.99
Bounty Basic paper towels $0.59 +c limit 8 w/$10 purchase
Dixie paper plates 20ct $1.29 +c
Colgate plus toothbrushes $0.99

GFS (Gordon Food Service) is a midwestern chain that operates small Marketplace stores with large sized products.  They are open to the public and don't require a membership fee.   If you have one in your area check it out.

For the next two weeks (August 31 - September 12th) the following deals are available:

$5 off $50 coupon in ad
Boneless chicken breasts frozen 5# bag $8.99
Ground beef sirloin steakburgers 5# $9.99 limit 2
Dannon light 'n fit yogurt 8ct $7.99
potato chips 19-20oz bag $2.50
2L sprite $0.99

+c means there was recently a coupon in the paper for this item
+c* means there's a coupon for it and I think it's a good deal ONLY if you use the coupon
M-R monday through thursday sale dates only
B1G1F (buy one get one free)
** super deal -- seriously think about stocking up at this price if this is an item you use
w/c means with in-ad coupon
lim tells you what the limit is

Disclaimer: This list is generated by a human.  I never intend to make a typo, but sometimes they happen.  See the store and/or the ad for clarification if you're unsure about a product.  This list was generated using ads in the Cincinnati metro area.  Stores outside this market may offer different pricing or promotions. 

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