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2010 Oregon Fruit and Berry Order - due June 26

2010 Oregon Fruit & Berry Order Information
Order Deadline - Must Be Rec'd & Paid In Full By Saturday, June 26th

This is the twelfth year we have been placing a group order for IQF, or individually quick frozen, fruit and berries from Oregon. If you are interested in ordering any of this fruit I must receive your orders and your payment by Saturday, June 26th. As in the past, all orders must be prepaid. That's because I have to pay for the full order in advance. Delivery is usually in September or early October, but I will notify you by e-mail as soon as I get a delivery date and time.

These fruits come in cardboard boxes with individually quick frozen berries (no sugar unless indicated), or as fruit pieces (apples, peaches, apricot halves, red rhubarb) packed inside a large plastic bag filled with 14# of fruit. The seedless berry purees and sliced, sweetened strawberries come in plastic buckets.

Here are the 2010 Oregon fruit and berry prices:

Marion Blackberries - $38/14# box
Red Raspberries - $44/14# box
Boysenberries - $38/14# box
Blueberries - $39/14# box
Strawberries, Sliced With Sugar - $32/14# bucket
Strawberries, Whole - $38/14# box
Loganberries - $38/14# box
Red (Sour) Pie Cherries (pitted) - $38/14# box
Dark Sweet Cherries (pitted) - $39/14# box
Peaches, Peeled & Sliced - $38/14# box
Apricot Halves - $38/14# box
Apples, Peeled & Sliced - $32/14# box
Red Rhubarb - $32/14# box
Seedless Berry Purees - 14# buckets
-Marion Blackberry - $38
-Red Raspberry - $44
-Boysenberry - $38
-Strawberry - $38
-Loganberry - $38
Freezer Jam - box of twelve 16 oz. packages, one flavor - $38
Freezer Jam Gift Pack - six different flavors, 10 oz. containers - $21
(These Freezer Jams include Strawberry, Blackberry, Boysenberry, Blueberry, Red Raspberry and Loganberry Jams.)

You may print out or copy and paste this list and send your order to me by snail mail, by e-mail, or bring it to my home in Sharonville in person. Be sure to state which fruits or berries you want, the quantities (how many boxes or buckets of each) and the price per item, then the total for each item. Then please total your whole order and send me a check for the full amount. Make checks out to me: Norma Curry. Please include your e-mail address so that I can send you an e-mail acknowledging that I have received your order and payment. I will also be sending notice about pick-up by e-mail.

Fruit pick-up is usually in September or early October at Northland Ice Center, or somewhere in the parking lot behind Joann's in the same shopping center in Evendale, just east of I-75 on Glendale Milford, or west of I-71 on Pfeiffer at US42 (Reading Road). Pfeiffer becomes Glendale Milford west of Reed Hartman.

Any price increases this year are mostly due to increased fuel costs, and then only $1.00 more per box. Blueberries, which were $52 in 2007, are only $39 this year. Red Raspberries, which were $49 in 2008, are only $44 this year, still up due to short crops on the world market in Europe and Chile, as well as continued low yields in the Northwest.

Please feel free to pass this information along to other groups or to anyone who might be interested in ordering. This is an open group order, not restricted to CATCH (Cincinnati Area Teaching Children at Home) members. We can only get this fruit delivery once a year, so don't miss out on Mother Nature's best tasting anti-oxidant boosters. These are great in smoothies, pies, cakes, muffins, in yogurt or on top of ice cream. We put frozen berries in our oatmeal every morning. If anyone has any questions, please e-mail me and I will reply promptly.

With today's high transportation costs there are no refunds, so please be sure that you or one of your friends or family can pick up your pre-paid order. Feel free to pass along the URL below to anyone who might be interested:


Norma Curry
P. O. Box 62459
Cincinnati, OH 45241
tessimal @ gmail.com

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