Monday, May 24, 2010

Grocery Sales Week of May 24, 2010

Here's a quick lowdown of deals on my grocery list this week.  Stores are having lots of Memorial Day grilling out deals.  Stock up on sale items for food you want to eat throughout the summer.  Meat and shredded cheese freezes well.  A prettier version of this list will be posted to the blog soon. (

Happy Savings,




Kroger singles 16oz $1.50

Kroger cheese 6-8oz $1.50

Minute Maid Fruit drinks $1

Kroger cream cheese $1

Kroger yogurt $0.40


corn $0.20


Betty Crocker cake mix $1

Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce $1.50

Kool-Aid drink mix $0.10

Fritos $1.98

Lays potato chips $1.98

Kroger tortilla chips $1

Nabisco snack crackers $1.88 +c

soda pop (coke, pepsi or 7-up brands) $3 (buy 4 get $2 off – or $2.50/each)

Little debbie snacks $1.29


Kroger deluxe ice cream 48oz $1.99

Kroger frozen treats $1.99


Tyson boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenderloins $1.99/#

Oscar Mayer wieners $1.25 +c




Kraft pasteurized sliced cheese $1.67 +c

Breakstone sour cream $1.29

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter $1.50 +c

Meijer string cheese $2.50

Minute Maid lemonade $0.99


ground chuck $1.49/# limit 3 pkgs

Meijer boneless chicken breasts $1.99/#

Kahn's or ball park franks $0.79 +c limit 6


Meijer plastic spoons, forks or combo 48ct $1

24pk soda pop $3.96 lim 2

7-Up, A&W 12pks $2.50

Meijer water bottles $2.50

Lays potato chips B1G1F

Meijer tortilla chips $1.69

Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce $0.99 +c

Ragu $1.29 +c

Bertolli $2 +c

Meijer cereal assorted $1.89

Post cereal (honey bunches, shredded wheat, grap nuts) $1.99 +c

Kellogg's cereal assorted $2.99 (buy 4 get $4 off instantly) +c

Snyder's pretzels B1G1F

Hershey's chocolate 6pk $2.50

Meijer graham crackers $2.50

(buy Hershey's + Meijer grahams and get 1 Meijer marshmallows 16oz free)

** Country Time Lemonade or KoolAid drink mix (canister) $1

Hershey's singles Buy 3 Get 3 free +c


Cool Whip $0.99

Drumsticks $2 +c

Meijer ice cream $1.99 limit 4


Meijer buns $0.88

Aunt Millie's bread or buns Buy 1 Get 2 Free +c

blackberries 5.6oz $1

sweet corn $0.16

blueberries pint $2

baby carrots 2# $2


Kleenex $1.25

Pampers jumbo pk $8.97

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