Monday, March 2, 2009

Grocery Sales Week of March 2, 2009

Here's a couple of Q&A's for the week:

Last week I asked how to tell if a cantaloupe was ripe.  A reader responded with this hint....
To find a ripe cantaloupe:  Smell the stem end.  If it smells ripe, it is.  Even if it is soft, it won't smell ripe if it was picked green.  I personally like to have the skin "give" a little.  That indicates the ripeness I like.  My mother preferred them squishy!  You need to learn what the cantaloupe feels like at your preferred ripeness.

Q: How do you know if there's a coupon for an item?
A: I remember a lot of coupons that come in the newspaper, but I also use technology when my memory fails.  One place I go is  Just start typing a product name and it'll come up with coupons that match.  Not all coupons are in this database and sometimes the Sunday coupons don't seem to be in there right away.  But this is a great source for a quick "is there a coupon I can use" question.

If you live, work or travel near Monroe - check out the IGA deals - Friday Only!

Kroger ( must use plus card to get sale price
& MEGA SALE buy 10 participating items get $5 off at register -- that's like getting 50 cents off per item.  Use coupons to save even more!
Limit 3 per transaction

Tropicana OJ $2.39 +c*
Kroger milk or OJ 1/2 gallon $1
Dannon Activia, light & fit or Danactive yogurt 4-6pk $2 +c*
Betty crocker meal helpers $0.99 +c
Quaker instant or simple harvest oatmeal $2 +c (buy 2 get $1 off at register - lim 1 deal per transaction)
Sunchips $2.98
Boneless pork loin $1.77/#
& Kroger ice cream pint $0.99
& Haagen-Dazs ice cream 4oz $0.99
& Breyers ice cream 48oz $2.99
& Gorton's seafood 6-11oz $2.99
& Pillsbury toaster strudel or scrambles $1.99 +c
& Freschetta pizza $4.49
& Tyson meal kits 20-29oz $4.99
strawberries 16oz $1.28
Russet potatoes 10# $2.68
head lettuce $0.88
green peppers $0.77
grapes $0.97#
california navel oranges $0.19 each
braeburn or fuji apples $0.99/#
washington apples (gala, granny smith, red or gold delicious) $0.25

Meijer (
March is Frozen Food Month at Meijer - ads have store coupons for frozen items.  Historically each of those items goes on sale at least once during the month, allowing you to save more.  And you can also use manufacturer's coupon with the store coupon for added savings.

milk $2
Tropicana OJ $2.27 +c*
* Meijer shredded cheese 5-8oz bag $1.50
The Works toilet cleaner 1/2 price
Quilted Northern toilet paper 6 mega rolls 1/2 price +c
Plumrose bacon 16oz $2
Meijer boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.99/# (family pk)
Meijer sugar 10# $3.77
Kraft mac 'n cheese $0.50
Jif peanut butter 18oz $2 +c*
GM cereal (Wheaties, cheerios, kix, chex) $2 +c
Kellogg's cereal 8-15oz assorted $2 (buy 3 cereal get 3 danon yogurt 6oz cups free)
Meijer potato or tortilla chips $2
Hawaiian punch 1 gallon $2
Aunt Millie's hamburger or hot dog buns $1 +c
Russet potatoes 10# $2
cantaloupe $0.99
strawberries $1.49
grapes $0.89/#
head lettuce $0.77

Bigg's (
Kellogg's cereal (assorted little boxes) $1.69 +c
John Morrell pork loin $1.88/#
chicken breasts IQF $1.88 (in a 3# bag)
red delicious or granny smith apples 3# bag $2
Progresso soup $1 +c

Jungle Jim's (
Idaho potatoes 10# bag $1.99
fuji apples $0.79/#
bananas $0.39/#
tomatoes $0.79/#
cucumbers $0.50
milk $1.99
Trauth chocolate milk 1/2 gallon $1
wesson veggie oil 48oz $2.49 lim 6 per family with $10 purchase
UDF ice cream pints $1
baby carrots $0.99
romaine lettuce $0.99/#
Mt Olive pickles 16oz $1.49
Pillsbury brownies $0.99 +c

Monroe IGA (on Cin-Day just north of Summerlin)
* milk 1/2 gallon $0.88
Bounty Basic paper towels 8 roll pk $4.99 +c
grapes $0.99/#
washington apples $0.99/#
lender's bagels 6ct $1.25

Friday March 6th Only Deals from their blog
or a direct link to the ad at:
** ground beef 3#+ pkgs $1.38/#
** boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.59/#
roma tomatoes $0.79/#
grapes $0.99/#
* IGA eggs $0.79 lim 6
Idaho potatos 5# bag $1.59
bananas $0.33/#

$5 off $50 coupon in their ad (instore only)

+c means there was recently a coupon in the paper for this item
+c* means there's a coupon for it and I think it's a good deal ONLY if you use the coupon
M-R monday through thursday sale dates only
B1G1F (buy one get one free)
** super deal -- seriously think about stocking up at this price if this is an item you use
w/c means with in-ad coupon
lim tells you what the limit is

Disclaimer: This list is generated by a human.  I never intend to make a typo, but sometimes they happen.  See the store and/or the ad for clarification if you're unsure about a product.  This list was generated using ads in the Cincinnati metro area.  Stores outside this market may offer different pricing or promotions.

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