Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Order form for Bulk Canning Day - May 30, 2009

Orders will be due no later than May 15.

The order form is available in 2 forms. There is an excel spreadsheet that can calculate the number of cans/pouches, as well as calculate prices. There is also a blank pdf form, if you do not have excel.

There is a $10 fuel charge (same as last time).

Order forms can be downloaded from here for the excel sheet or here for the pdf or they can be accessed from the files section of Be Prepared Cincinnati.

They can be sent to: Jennifer D, PO BOX 915, West Chester OH 45071.
(One check should also be addressed to me and sent with the orders.)

Update: If you would like to refer to the old bulk/can or pouch chart, see it here. It's been included on the new order forms too.


Shayleen Lunt said...

Hey Jennifer -
I'm sorry to be such a pain, but I was wondering if you could provide me the link to where you posted something last year...
the chart/"formula" as to how many cans we need for each bulk bag of product purchased. I would prefer to not over or under buy ;)
Also, dumb question probably, but the #10 cans can't be reused, right?
shaylenejohnson at hotmail dot com

Jenn said...

I've updated the blog entry with the link. The same information was also included in both order forms. The excel form auto-calculates how many you should buy. Hope that helps.

You are correct, 10# cans cannot be reused, but can be "re-purposed" around the house for many uses.

Shayleen Lunt said...

Jenn -
I've lost your email address in a computer update. I had a couple more questions about this bulk order.
First, Can we buy anymore 5-gallon buckets with this order?
Also, When order from the column "#10 can packaged by customer," we will be canning that ourselves, right? How do they send the "odd" poundage of stuff? Make sense?
shaylenejohnson at hotmail dot com

Jenn said...

You can order buckets this time as well. They will be $4.70/each (I forgot to add tax in before).

It sounds like you might be trying to use to order form from provident living, but you should be using the order form posted above in this post.

Hope this helps!

Jen said...

Jenn - on the order form, how do we know how many pounds are included in the different items, other than the prepackaged stuff?

Jenn said...

Good question. I forgot to add that column in... too many late nights.

Most of the items are 25 lb bags. The exceptions are:

Apple Slices, 15 lbs
Macaroni, 20 lbs
Onions, 35 lbs
Pancake Mix, 16 lbs (in 4 - 4lb bags)
Potato Pearls, 21 lbs (in 12 - 28oz bags)