Monday, October 12, 2009

Grocery Sales Week of October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day! 

Not too many items on my grocery list this week.  Instead I'm taking the time to clean out the pantry and freezer.  I'm sure there's some hidden goodies somewhere in the back.

Here's what I see for Kroger and Meijer this week.  Other local stores will be available throughout the week at

Happy Savings,

Kroger ( must use plus card to get sale price
MEGA SALE -- buy 10 participating items get $5 off at checkout
(I don't see anything fabulous about these frozen foods mega sale items this week.  However these might be staples in your family.  Watch for signs in the store, or check out the back of your ad for a full list.)

Kroger cough drops 40ct $0.77
Kroger water bottles 24pk $2.99
7Up soft drinks 2L $1 (buy 4 get 1 free = net price $0.80) limit 2 rewards per transaction
Pringles $1.25 +c
Kroger cheese bar or shredded 12-16oz $2.49
Kroger eggs $1
Kroger yogurt $0.33
Bob Evans sausage roll $1.99 +c
** Kroger peanut butter 18oz $1
Kroger party pail ice cream $2.77
Reese's candy bar king size $1 +c*

Meijer (
GE Reveal light bulbs $2.14 +c
Quaker State oil gallon $9.99
Pillsbury cookie dough (refrigerated, assorted varieties) $1.99 +c* (buy 2 get $1 off milk)
Kraft cream cheese $1.25
Jell-O ready to eat pudding or gelatin refrigerated 6pk $1.99 +c*
Ziploc bags $1.69 +c* +MM
ALL liquid laundry detergent 100oz assorted varieties $6.99 +c
Quilted Northern 24 double rolls $10.49 +c
Angel Soft toilet paper 24 reg or 12 double rolls $5.49 +c*
Nestle Toll House chocolate chips $1.88 +c*
Jimmy Deal sausage roll or cooked patties $2
Meijer boneless chicken breasts tenders 64oz frozen $7.99
Meijer peanuts 16oz and other nuts $1.99
Aunt Millie deluxe buns $1.29 +c
grapes $0.97/#
carrots 3# $1.50
yellow onions 3# $1.50
apples $2.29 1/2 peck (fill your own bags. can get 5 - 5 1/2 pounds in a bag) red delicious, mcintosh, empire, jonathan, gala, or jonamac

+c means there was recently a coupon in the paper for this item
+MM check out for a store coupon
+c* means there's a coupon for it and I think it's a good deal ONLY if you use the coupon
M-R monday through thursday sale dates only
B1G1F (buy one get one free)
** super deal -- seriously think about stocking up at this price if this is an item you use
w/c means with in-ad coupon
lim tells you what the limit is

Disclaimer: This list is generated by a human.  I never intend to make a typo, but sometimes they happen.  See the store and/or the ad for clarification if you're unsure about a product.  This list was generated using ads in the Cincinnati metro area.  Stores outside this market may offer different pricing or promotions.

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