Wednesday, February 11, 2009

High Wind, again...

As you have probably heard by now, The weather service has issued a High Wind Warning for Cincinnati. They are discussing the possibilities of sustained winds of at least 40 mph, with gusts up to 60 mph. You can read all the details here.

Some of this should sound familiar. Just last fall, Hurricane Ike came through Cincinnati. I'm sure no one has really forgotten, and if so, I hope you will soon remember. As I drove home this morning, it was enjoyable to listen to the radio and hear the DJs talking about potential power outages and the need for preparedness items.

I would hope that my readers would be ready for any disaster, especially a wind disaster (since they seem to like us so much...). I'm especially excited to see if my new roof holds up. Yep, it's 2 weeks old. (We'll see how many referrals I give after tomorrow morning.)

What kinds of preparations are you making for this evening? Hopefully, you know where your candles, lanterns, and flashlights are (if the wind manages to knock out power again). And, how many of you decided that the generators you bought during/after Ike weren't necessary any more? Hopefully, regret will not be a word in your vocabulary in the morning. If you have a generator, are you willing to share it with your neighbors and friends?

Just some thoughts. I'd love to hear yours!

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