Sunday, February 1, 2009

February - Today While the Sun Shines... ... we'll learn how to shop the sales

How is your grocery sale shopping going? Have you read through the links from my handout? (If not, I have added them below. I'm in a good mood, what can I say?!)

I have been having fun learning how to be a better grocery shopper.

I attended a meeting with the blogger from Mommy Snacks ( She taught us how to use coupons to save even more money. I stopped having the newspaper delivered several months ago, so I use mostly internet coupons to get my deals.

I have learned to write a better grocery list and stick to it. So far, I have been able to shave at least $25/week off my grocery bill. Pretty neat!

I hope that you are able to learn to be a better shopper and save money, too!

1. Start a Price Book. (
2. Decide what you need to buy and look for coupons, if you
are interested in using them.
3. Only buy things you use regularly or wish to donate.
4. Look at the grocery ads each week. Get familiar with them.
5. The best priced items are usually on the front and back.
6. When you buy an item on sale, buy 2x more than you need.
7. Always ask for a raincheck if an advertised special is out of
stock. While you are waiting for the product to come back
in, look for more coupons for that product.
8. Shop at other stores, like Aldi or bakery outlets.

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